Golf as a Workout

Golf’s reputation for being a sport lacking in physical fitness is not necessarily true. In fact, golf can be a great workout, if you let it be. When you ditch the cart, beer and typical course vices – like smoking or dipping – golf can be beneficial to your health. If someone with an average […]

Stretching Your Shoulders

Properly stretching your body before a round of golf can greatly improve your flexibility, prevent injuries and ultimately lead to better scores. However, most golfers tend to overlook proper and thorough stretching routines before and in-between rounds of golf. One of the most important areas a golfer should stretch are the shoulders. The shoulder joint […]

Strength vs. Flexibility

In most sports, the stronger you are the more power you will generate – which usually means the better you will be. Of course each sport requires a specific skill too – not just power. However, in the game of golf, your most valued physical asset is not necessarily strength – it’s flexibility. The two […]

Running Late to the Tee? Try this Stretch.

We’ve all had that kind of morning that never seems to start out right. Your alarm never goes off in the morning, you spill coffee on your new pants, you trip over the dog on the way out the door – and suddenly you only have 5 minutes to warm up before you tee off. […]