Birdie Basics


Ages 5-6

About Birdie

Program Goals

The goal of Birdie Basics is to empower children as young as age 5 via golf—and, by extension, grow the game.

We’ve taken the complex concepts involved in golf and turned them into simple, memorable metaphors that are FUN and effective.



Spring (April 8th - May)

8 Classes, 50 minutes each.

$280 per child


Birdie 1's - 
Mondays at 4 or Tuesdays at 5
Birdie 2's
Mondays at 5 or Tuesdays at 4

Summer (June 19th- August 28th)

8 Classes, 50 Minutes Each

Price: $280 Per Child


Days & Times TBD

Fall (September - October)

Class Schedule TBD




No. We use SNAG (Starting New At Golf) plastic equipment and tennis balls to start with. We don’t advance children to real clubs until they can show they are able to be safe and have achieved Birdie’s Goals. 

No. For most children aged 6 and under, private lessons are a waste of time and money. The goal of Birdie Basics is to get kids to enjoy coming to the golf course and get tons of repetitions of basic fundamentals.  

Yes, we offer two make up classes per session. We do not offer refunds, discounts or private lessons if you miss class and cannot make the make up session.

Birdie 1 is for our newest golfers. We use plastic clubs and tennis balls for safety. 

Birdie 2 is an advancement of Birdie 1, where players get to use real clubs and follow a curriculum closer to Operation 36. 

To qualify for Birdie 2, players must attend at least one Birdie 1 course AND be cleared by our staff.