Teaching Philosophy

junior2I have examined the golf swing and how it relates to successfully playing the game countless times throughout my career. As a teacher, I am always searching for ways to learn and adapt to different styles, athletic abilities, learning behaviors and the latest and greatest theories. No two golf swings are ever the same, thus I believe that to be successful, they cannot be treated the same.  I try to stay away from the label of “method teacher” (meaning one way of teaching for all students) and rather focus on making each individual better based on their abilities. I do have key fundamentals that I believe every student needs to properly achieve in order to maximize his or her potential. I begin each lesson, with an interview and goal session in order to establish realistic objectives and timelines to aid in the process of improvement. As I begin the physical swing work, many of my lessons do have a consistent theme. First, the body must be set in as neutral a position as possible, shoulders and hips with minimal tilt. This allows all moving parts to work naturally with each other and create unrestricted flow. Students also seem to find that this is a much more comfortable position. Once I have established this baseline and created a relationship with the student, finding his or her learning and communication style is where the personalization begins. I try to emphasize rhythm, balance and connection with non – club drills and shot simulations. With all students, I utilize video as much possible because it serves as a key visual aid in the improvement process. On course instruction is also a heavy trend in my lessons as well because I believe that in order to take our swing from the range to the course we must practice on the course at some point.

I have been fortunate enough to successfully learn how to incorporate my message in a way that keeps the game as simple and fun as possible for my students. I have spent many hours on the range as an instructor, but almost in every encounter, the lesson series becomes a friend to chat with or a mentor to myself. I enjoy the communication of golf instruction almost as much as the results, and stay in constant contact with all my students through email, phone or just quick fix visits when I see them on the range. Golf instruction is a culmination of years of playing and teaching experience, and I look forward to many years to come continuing my work on theories, presenting the message and most importantly watching my students reach levels they never though imaginable and that puts a smile on their faces… which always puts a smile on mine.