Player Assessment

Player Assessment

“You don’t hire experts to tell them what to do, you hire experts for them to tell you what to do” 

~ Steve Jobs


Great coaching starts by understanding your goals, discussing the issues keeping your from reaching them and creating a plan to achieve it. An assessment allows us to do that before getting into the work.

What you can expect in your assessment


If you have them, bring them. If not, we will recommend what you should get!

We sell solutions to your problems, not time and we seek results and referrals from our players, not their money. When we recommend a course of action for you, it’s because it’s our professional opinion that it is the best course of action for you. If you disagree, we will recommend you seek instruction elsewhere. We will not adjust our core values for money. 


Yes. If you’re new, we will start by helping you with basics, help you get comfortable using the facilities and recommend the best option to get you ready to go on the course!