Matt Nosbaum


I was born just outside of Clemson, SC, but my family crisscrossed the country a couple of times as I was growing up. Most of my young life was split between the north side of Atlanta, GA and Santa Cruz, CA. I owe my journey through the game of golf to many people, but my addiction and love comes from my mom’s dad. Gordon was an avid golfer who always had a mischievous twinkle in his eye. That combination made me relish the time that I got to spend with him, which often included watching golf on TV and listening to him tell me stories about the game he loved.

It wasn’t until my move to Santa Cruz, CA however, that I started to spend more time playing the game. I fell into a group of friends that gave me a chance to join them on the course and I was hooked. I then moved onto college at SMU in Dallas, TX. This is where I started to hone my game as I know I spent more time playing golf and “other things”, than going to class. I attempted to walk onto the SMU team during my junior season, but was very nicely told by the coach that it wasn’t an option for me. That coach was Hank Haney. He probably doesn’t realize the opportunity he missed by not putting me on that team. Regardless of this setback, I knew at that point I wanted to spend my time in and around the game of golf. I just didn’t realize how long it was going to take for me to realize that dream.

From here I move 18 years down the line to the best career decision of my life. Thanks to the support from my wife, Brent Walsh, Craig Schuh, and Luke Baker, I was given the chance to chase my dream. The crew at Deer Park GC was brave enough to give a 38 year old a chance to prove himself as a good hire and I grabbed on tight with both hands. During those first 3 years I was able to coach the Deer Park HS Boys Golf team and I fell in love with getting those kids to feel the same way I did about golf. From there I moved onto Circling Raven GC where I finished off 3 more seasons as Tournament Director. I learned a lot during this time, but realized that my interest in the career of golf was in growing the game through teaching. This gets us to the present and my move to Indian Canyon GC. I am excited to work with the team here as I get an opportunity to help our Junior Programs and improve our player’s games through our club fitting and extensive teaching technology.

If you are interested in booking a lesson with me, I can be reached at or in the Indian Canyon Proshop!