The Length of a Tee

wooden-golf-teesThere are many different kinds of tees available for golfers to choose from. They all help you do the same thing – elevate the ball from the teeing ground. Before the days of wooden tees, golfers used to use sand – forming a little pyramid to place the ball atop of.

The type of tee used is irrelevant when compared to the proper height. For long irons, hybrids and fairway woods, it is best to tee them as close as possible to the ground. You want to think of it as a “perfect lie”. For drivers, teeing the ball high enough so that the equator of the ball matches with the top of the driver is a great starting point.

That is for “standard” shots. You will need to adjust the tee up or down if you’re a better player and trying to flight the ball either lower or higher. The all too common mistake that most amateurs make is that they are inconsistent with their tee hieghts.

I want you to try this next time you’re practicing: Start with your 9 iron and adjust your tee height from flush with the ground to a few inches above. Make a mark on the tee where you hit the ball the best. Now do the same for the rest of your clubs (perhaps alternating as you go through your bag). You’ll now have a really good idea of the height that works best for you with each club.

Before you know it, it will become second nature on the course and you won’t even have to think about it. Understanding what works best for your game will better help you lower your scores.