Stenson – “The Bump”

I’m sure you’ve heard the tip, “bump” your hips to start your downswing. While this is a relatively correct statement, the purpose is usually lost in translation. While many know that you have to bump your hips, very few know why or what it does, so let me explain.

The bumping of your hips in the downswing is used to initiate the separation of the upper body and the lower body. While the hips square to the golf ball, the upper body stay in position causing a dropping or “shallowing” of the club in the down swing. This allows the club to work from the inside to out, stay connected to the body and create the holy grail “lag” in the golf swing. This is the move that we see most better players achieve and most higher handicappers miss.

In higher handicap players, I will tend to see the upper body move in a lateral direction with the hips, or the upper body “bumps” with the lower body. This causes an extreme weight / pressure shift early in the golf swing and leaves the hands in a position where the have to catch up cause the all to familiar “casting” motion or early release seen in so many players.

This is not an easy move to achieve, in fact, it may be one of the hardest. Below, I’ve detailed how Henrik Stenson bumps and drops the club to the inside. I like the example of Stenson because of how steep he gets in the backswing and the dramatic redirection on the way down. Take a look.


If you think you need help with this move, come and see me! The boditrak mat is one of the best resources to help you get where you want to go!