Redemption: Adam Scott tames the Bear Trap

Much has been made about Adam Scott over the past three or four years concerning the use of his long putter and how it would negatively ( or positively) effect his game. I was never a big fans of the USGA’s ruling to ban the anchored putter and it seems more evident by every decision they make that their intention is not to better the game for all, but to protect the history and records of the past from the advancements we make with technology. Just think if we outlawed email because we wanted to preserve the postal system? Fact is, Anchored putters make the game better for the average Joe, just as faster club faces, longer golf balls and more vertical lie angles for putters, all banned by the USGA. End of Rant… on to instruction.

Adam Scott did a ton of great things at the Honda. He drove, hit greens, putted, chipped all very well. Let’s not forget he made A QUADRUPLE BOGEY and still shot 66. If he makes par, that 62. For me, what stands out the most with Adam Scott is how dedicated he is to the fundamentals of golf. The most important of any, his posture and set up. I have used Adam as an example in most of lessons regarding posture, here are a few things I love to point out:

1.) Spine / Shaft relationship – Most tour players try to get the angle of their spine and shaft as close to 90 degrees as possible. Adam is perfectly on 90. This allows for proper, neutral rotation of his body and arms which makes it much adam scotteasier to maintain a square club face throughout his swing.

2.) Arm hang – I love how his arms just hang directly underneath his shoulders. Again, maintaining this neutral position allows for neutral rotation AKA no compensation through the swing. I like to say ” let your arms hang like wet spaghetti noodles.” He does it perfectly.

3.) “Close the Car Door” – Adam creates bend at the hips. Most amateurs tend to hunch too much at the shoulders and bend the knees too much, both which will cause vertical motion and spine posture loss through the swing. I like to have students pretend they have two bags of groceries in their arms and have to shut the car door with their butt. Instantly, they create the desired spine position. Setting the spine correctly allows for the upper body to be mobile and twist while the lower body stays quiet and stable, a must for most modern built golf swings.


I always try to stress to my students that they are not Adam Scott and some of the positions won’t look exactly the same, but the key is to do the same thing every time. Once we can establish a good starting position, we can begin to create good and consistent swing habits.