What is results based coaching?

When you take your car to get fixed, do you tell the mechanic how to fix it, or do you ask what the problem is? Of course you ask them to diagnose it. That’s a results-based interaction and it’s the best way to achieve real results. 

It’s pretty simple really. We are the experts on making you a better golfer. You tell us what you want to achieve, we build a plan, learn the skills needed, train hard and perform. 

We’re so confident in the program, we’ll guarantee the results. 


Why do we only practice on a flat range, when actual golf in nothing like that?

Train your game in a variety of situations

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We take you on the course and play challenge games to enhance skills. These focus on shot making, strategy and mental play. 

We go on the course to work on areas of your game such as awkward lies, bunker play, trouble shots, short side vs. fat side chips and everything in between. We dig in a do work that you can’t do on the driving range. 

Private instruction is still around, but just like any tool, it needs to be used properly. 

We use our private sessions to hammer out technical problems and re-commit to the goals of the program. 



The cost is $300 per month for new students and the program runs 6 months (May – October). You will be able to attend 1 session per week, for the entire program. If you fully participate, you’ll receive 45 hours of instruction or $40 per hour. 

Consider the average cost of private half hour sessions is $75 in our area, this is a considerable value to get you where you want to be. 

Students who refer other students or bring friends get up to $150 discount per player they refer. 

Sessions range from 15 minutes to 2.5 hours per week. 

We will build a practice plan for you based on the time you determine you can commit, but to see results you should be willing to play one 9 hole round and have one practice session per week at a minimum.

No, you will need to pay green fees each time you play. For most rounds we offer player’s the twilight rate. 

It’s simple: a Coach gives you what you need to achieve your goals as he accountable for you achieving success. If your looking for quick fixes or just swing work this is not for you. This is for players that want to break through to the next level by understanding how to manage their thinking, learn how to score on the course and learn how to practice with a purpose so that they can achieve their potential at golf.

We offer options for almost everyone. 

-Mondays at 2pm

– Tuesdays at 3 & 5:30

– Wednesdays at 9:30am and 2pm 

– Thursdays at 5pm 

– Sat / Sun at 12pm and 3pm 

What's This Guarantee?

The catch is you have to show up and do what we coach you to do. Ultimately, at the end of your session, we will ask “are you satisfied”… If the answer is no, and we agree you’ve done everything we’ve asked, you’ll keep going for free.

We guarantee our results, so expect to meet your goals. 

Not showing up to sessions, not completing your practice sessions, arguing with coaches, not following the plan as laid out. 


This is a program for your goals and is guaranteed to get you there

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