Operation 36

"What Junior Golf Should Be"

What is Operation 36?

The goal of Operation 36 is pretty simple. Shoot 36 or better from 9 holes. What’s different about “Op36” is that players start from a yardage which they can achieve that score quickly. Novice players begin at 25 yards, with levels at 50,100,150, 200 and full tees. 

In addition to the play structure, the developmental curriculum uses a 6 level, 12 subject workable curriculum which students can work through. 

We start juniors aged 7 and older in this program as it’s proven time and time again to be the best option for development. 

What's included?

2023 Class Schedule & Registrations




Frequently Asked Questions

 No, but we do recommend purchasing them at some point. Our professional staff can assist you with getting the right size and set and you can purchase clubs through our pro shop, just make sure to ask!

A: Nope, tennis shoes will work fine, and gloves are a player preference, but not required. Please DO NOT wear any other type of sports cleat such as baseball or soccer cleats, they will damage the turf. 

A: No. Kids (and anyone for that matter) learn best in group environments. It’s important to understand that for most new and intermediate golfers that the objective of our program is not to have them swing the club perfect, but rather to ENJOY THE COURSE AND WANT TO GO THERE. 

A: Yes, but it is not preferred. In these situations, we have the older child go to the younger class.

A: We will provide 2 make-up classes per 8 week session.

A: Yes, but you’ll be required to set up automatic billing and save a credit card on file.

A: Yes, but you’ll still be billed the full amount for the session. We hire and schedule staff, schedule course and range utilization and buy materials based on enrollment. Having students drop mid program can cause us a lot of problems.

A: Parents are more than welcome to watch class. We recommend taking an hour break, grabbing a drink and enjoying our patio which has the best view of downtown Spokane anywhere you can find. Parents who insist on participating in practice or offer their unsolicited coaching during practices will be asked to leave and will have their student removed from all academy programming.  


Parents of students in division 1-4 are required to walk or ride with their child during matches.