MySwing – 3D Motion


Well, you’re not alone. Having taught thousands of lessons, I have often watched students struggling to pick up on swing changes and thought “are they feeling the right thing?” Truth be told, even the most talented and knowledgeable instructors have to guess and hope we are communicating the right feel to each student. Until now…

ENTER MySwing 3D motion capture

MySwing 3D motion capture allows us to see EVERYTHING in your golf swing and make precise and accurate measurements. Before, we had to rely on video and the naked eye to identify problem areas. With MySwing, we can break your swing down and set realistic and traceable goals using quantifiable data.

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Another benefit to MySwing, is the ability to get instant biofeedback while you swing. While hooked up to the sensors, we choose your desired area of improvement and set the parameters where we want them to be. As you swing, a you will hear audio feedback indicating that you are in the correct position. This allows us to make the most of our time by precisely targeting the the problem areas and focusing our instruction or the correct positioning. With more precise measurement and better practice, getting desired results are much easier and come much faster. Here are a few quotes from actual students who have used the MySwing system to better their game:

“3D Motion is Awesome. It makes me get in the right positions.”

“I knew I did somethings wrong in myswing, but now we can track them with precision”

I’ve been working on my swing and taking lessons for years with limited results. I’ve made more progress in 6 lessons using 3D than I have in all the years combined!”

 Bottom Line – NO MORE GUESSING, just proper swing training.