Unlimited Lessons


As an instructor, I can’t stand the current way that players take lessons. Taking 3 lessons, 5 lessons, does it really help? Maybe, but far too often students have expectations far larger than reality and they leave feeling more frustrated than before they took lessons. The fact is, if you want to improve your game, you will need to dedicate the time to improvement and take things slow.

As someone who has put in a lot of hours and changed their swing, I know that new concepts in golf come in four phases:

1.) Learn and Understand the new concept. (Video analysis, first lessons, etc…)

2.) Practice the new concept. (Drills, final lessons, range rime)

3.) Play and discover what the new concept produces. (Playing golf and SUCKING)

4.) Continued practice and play, leading to trust of the concept. (Playing REALLY GOOD)

Why don’t golf lessons work for a lot of players???? Because lessons rarely get you past step #2. Have you ever said, or heard your friends say “I just can’t take it to the course.” There’s a reason you can’t. Because you haven’t been coached to trust it.

This year, for those of you who really want to change and improve your game, I am rolling out my UNLIMITED LESSONS package. If you want to put in the time and effort to get better, so do I. Here are some of the details:

Whats the Cost: $150 per month, minimum of 4 month commitment.

What are the goals: To make you better, to lower your handicap, to help you shoot your lowest score ever, to hit it farther, to win.

How many lessons will I get: This is up to you, if you are dedicated, 6+ in a month. The average will probably be once per week.

How long are the lessons: Most lessons will be 30 minutes, unless I feel the need to use advanced technology, then I will advise you to book an hour.

What about playing lessons: I try to play one playing lesson with summer series students every year. More if needed.

If i’m going out of town, can I skip a month: 4-6 sequential months of work is preferred for the best results, but I do allow you to skip months if you plan to be gone for an extended period of time.

How many players do you take: 25 – As of 3/10/17, 13 spots have been taken.

This seems like a really good deal, what’s the catch: No catch, just limits on how to book your lessons. You can book them one of two ways:

1.) Set up a reserved day and time, which will be yours each week. You can only book additional times, if your regular time needs to be canceled.

2.) Book lessons yourself, but you can only have 2 lessons booked at any time. So, for example, you book your first two lessons of the month on the 2nd and 4th, you will not be able to book another lesson until after your lesson on the 2nd.


This program really is a great deal and WILL help you reach your goals.