Private Lessons

Private lessons are the best way to get customized and detailed instructor for your game. For new students, the first session will be a total breakdown of your swing using the V1 video, flightscope and other technologies. We will take a look at issues within your golf swing and create a game plan for success.

After the first session, lessons tend to move very quick. I will give students one item to focus on and combine fast moving drills as well as practice time with visual feedback to help students recognize when the new swing thought is being properly applied. By quickly moving through a practice session we can accomplish two things. First, it takes the mind out of your swing and promotes muscle memory. Second, it gets you tired and trains motions and positions in the most critical time, when your swing is tired.

At first, many students don’t believe that much can be accomplished in a short 30 minute session, but after one or two, they quickly understand why my processes and practices works.

I have four packages for Private Lesson: Take a look at which applies to you.

One individual lesson should be used as a tune up session. While we can identify problems, not much progress can be made. I would only recommend single lessons for players looking to freshen up the fundamentals, Grip, alignment, or posture.

Series of Three: A series of three lessons is a great way to touch up multiple areas. I usually touch on Driver, Irons and Short Game for the Series of three packages.

Series of 5: Series of five allows time for growth and development of the golf swing. Five lessons allow for me to make a game plan and execute while making adjustments as needed. If you want to make progress in your game, expect to book a series of five.

Summer Series: This gives students 3 lessons per month, with a four month commitment. It allows me to look at their total game, track and help develop every facet. Players who sign up for the monthly program typically drop 1-3 strokes per summer and will either shoot their lowest score or get very close. Down the Line