Get Great at G.A.P

There are so many people out there who get too involved with the mechanics of the swing. Not to say the actual swinging of the club is not important, but there are so many flaws that can be alleviated by just checking the fundamentals… Grip, Alignment and Posture. Check these three things before you go out to the course this weekend.

Grip – Check for neutral thumbs. Both creases between your thumb and index finger should point towards your right shoulder (or left shoulder for lefties.)

Alignment – Check to make sure that shoulders, hips, knees and feet are parallel to your target. Just one of the being slightly off can cause tremendous swing flaws.

Posture – Remember, relaxed shoulders, arms hanging directly below and a slight bend of the knees will put you in an athletic position to rip it.

These tips aren’t the sexiest to work on, but the results will speak for themselves.