The ICGA Elite Junior Program is led by Derek Siesser, PGA


As someone who had their life changed by playing golf in college, i can personally attest to the benefits. Play golf, less tuition, great education, it sounds like a dream for both parents and students. However, there is a lot of confusion and bumpy roads from the dream and the reality of attaining a golf scholarship. Check out the information below, and if playing golf in school is a challenge you want to take on, let me help lead the way!



The Reality of Golf in College: What do I have to be shooting?

Boys should have a tournament scoring average of no more than 75 to be considered for the least competitive schools. For NCAA Division 1 schools, boys should be shooting under par, have competitive finishes in National tournaments and should be consistently winning local events.

Girls have a bit more wiggle room. The magic number for the ladies is 79. If a girl is consistently in the 70s for their tournaments, they will be a coveted recruit for many D1 and D2 schools. Girls averaging under 85 for tournaments should have a shot at a scholarship.

Keep in Mind, these are tournament averages.

Does high school golf matter? 

Not Really. You should play, but the quality of players in high school events doesn’t prove much to college coaches. If you’re interested in college golf, plan to play in local, regional and eventually national events to prove your quality.

How about my handicap? It’s really good. 

You don’t play handicap tournaments in college, so coaches don’t consider handicap a good measure of your overall ability.

Grades, do they matter?

YES, YES & YES. Grades, and ACT/SAT test scores for that matter can significantly affect the scholarship opportunities for a player. Grades should be the top focus for all players. Coaches who can get a player on an academic scholarship are very valuable because it allows them to allocate athletic funds to other places.

“Full Rides” are pretty common, right? 

No, not at all. Very few players in the country receive full athletic scholarships for golf. In fact, schools only get a limited number of scholarships to give out:

Men – Division 1 – 4.5, Division 2 – 3.6, Division 3 – 0

Women – Division 1 – 6, Division 2 – 5.4, Division 3 – 0

Those scholarships are split between all the players on the team.