President’s Day… Obama vs. Trump

Regardless of which way you lean politically, I’m betting that if you’re reading this, you enjoy golf and will hopefully enjoy this look at our most recent presidents and their golf swings. Take a look at Trump, who is a single digit handicap (the best golfing president ever) and Obama, who holds a respectable 18 […]

Get your club right… on the Take Away

It always blows my mind at how many people I teach don’t know what a square clubface is. I see all sorts of explanations and ideas, but rarely, is it correct. Check out the video below to learn and see if your clubface is in the right spot.

Start the year off right with great posture

Posture is the foundation of your golf swing, so anytime that you are out of position, the rest of your golf swing will be too. Now, you can have some variations in posture, but THE most important element is getting down to the ball. It is critical that the bend in your golf swing comes […]

Matt Ryan vs. Tom Brady… Who’s got the better move?

Tom Brady and the Pats might have got the better of the Falcons in the Super Bowl, but would he get the best of Matt Ryan on the course?

Balance and Proprioception

Balance is key to playing consistent golf. Proprioception… well, that is too, you just don’t know it. Check out my latest video and balance and proprioception in the golf swing.

Why is it so hard to change my swing?

Almost every student I have ever taught comes into a lesson or series of lessons with one critically detrimental attribute… That they can change habit just by thinking about changing that habit. Most students just believe that they can “do” the right golf swing if they consciously understand the correct motion. This mind set couldn’t […]

Why your left arm should (or shouldn’t) be straight

One of those common driving range tips I hear all the time while eve’s dropping on amateur golf lessons is to “keep your left are straight.” Now while I am a proponent of this move and teach it to many students myself, it is important to note that not everyone should or can keep their […]

Stupid Little Things

It seems like this is the time of year where most of my students are starting to see progress in their games. Some may be hitting it better, some may be consistently taking money from buddies, other shoot their lowest score ever. But it seems like I hear one consistent gripe from most all of […]

Less is More – Why shorter lessons & practice sessions are better.

Why less time at the course and lesson tee can equal greater results.   I’ve had (and still have) a lot of students comment or completely avoid my instruction because I  give half hour sessions instead of 45 or hour lessons like most other instructors in our area and they think they are getting more […]

What makes an instructor “Good”?

What makes a Great Instructor? This week at The Masters, there was a lot of talk about instructors and their roles with tour players. Watching the golf channel, the analysis were mixed on whether it was a good thing that instructors are following the players around the day before the biggest tournament of the year […]