Brooke Henderson vs. Daniel Berger – Not So Different

Backswings: The club don’t matter One of the more common questions that I get from students is “where should the club be in the backswing.” Common thought and past instruction would teach that the club ideally needs to get into a parallel position at the top. Short of parallel in the student’s mind seems to […]

Student Spotlight – Mike Gilmartin

I wanted to keep with the backswing theme this week, so I highlighted Mike Gilmartin. Mike began taking lessons in 2013 and fully committed to the season series this summer and I’m glad he did! When Mike first came to me, he was very rigid, and lacked a lot of rotation. Everything happened on top […]

Student Spotlight – Mike Adolfae

Student Spotlight: Mike Adolfae   I’ve heard a lot of people joking that they should just try to play the game “from the other side of the ball.”  Well, in Mike’s case, that’s exactly what we did. Thinking outside the box is something I love to do as an instructor. Many teachers tend to teach […]

Student Spotlight – Jim Zarkos

Jim came to me this spring in need of a tune up. For years, he has been carrying his 20+ handicap and was ready for a change.  Like many students, Jim was deep in the “I’ll do this myself / I found it on Youtube” mindset, but had become lost on what to work on. […]

Survivor: San Diego – Snedeker wins at Torrey

If you’re at all like I am, you get quite a kick out of watching the PGA Tour players struggle from time to time. Sure, it’s awesome to see them hitting huge drives, close approaches and shots most of us can only dream of, but once in a while it’s fun to see them look […]

A little short game goes a LONG way (Jason Dufner & Rickie Fowler)

For the first installment of #What Winners Do, we’re going to take a look at two champs from this past week, Jason Dufner and Rickie Fowler. Anyone who watched the live telecast can identify which area of their games brought home the trophy… CHIPPING. Early every golf season and right after the Seahawks finish, I […]

Posture Perfect

Here is a review of week #2, posture.

Get a Grip

Check out a helpful lesson from week #1 on the grip.


Everyone wants to hit it farther. Follow these three steps and walk a little further down the fairway!

Post up drill

This drill will help you post up on your back swing and make the proper weight transfer through the ball. Do this drill on the range or at home. I would recommend that you hit 10 balls, make 10 drill swings and repeat. That will allow you to teach you muscles to move properly with […]