Beware of the Parking Lot Pro

We’ve all seen it and been there. The friendly golfer, maybe a buddy or maybe a complete stranger coming over to you and offering up advice to magically change your game and drop those extra 10 shots off your score. While this may seem helpful at the time, the affects of the advice could be even more damaging to you game. I like to compare advice given by amateurs and non PGA members to medical advice given by non doctors. It may help you at first, but if you have an on going, chronic problem or something that requires surgery, going to a professional is the only way to truly fix the problem and make progress forward.

I’ll admit, most of the advice that is given is correct and can help, but PGA professionals are trained on which advice and drill to give to maximize learning potential and fix two to three flaws with only one thought. Our goal is to give you as little to think about while maximizing change and results. We fix the present and the future while random tips can only fix the current and often damage your up coming play.


So find your local PGA pro and get to work!!!