Anrgy Golfers… Try the 10 step rule

Okay, I’ll admit that even I can get a little hot under the collar on the course from time to time. We’ve all seen the pros on TV when the have their mental breakdowns and emotional outbursts. Getting a little upset isn’t always a bad thing and with the right rules of engagement you can turn them into an advantage. Next time you’re out on the course and are feeling like one of your clubs needs to take flight try the ten step rule. After you hit a shot, you can say or do just about anything you’d like… for the next ten steps. After ten steps, stop, take a deep breath and tell yourself to focus on the next shot.

Nobody wants to play with someone who is throwing his clubs all the way to the hole or cursing like a sailor. Try this and I bet you’ll feel more comfortable after poor shots and be able to turn around those bad days a little quicker.