A little short game can go a long way

Far too often players will come out for a lesson, ask for help dropping their scores and want to focus solely on the full swing. In reality, more than half your shots are played within 100 yards of the green and many players lose shots in this critical area. This week, try these two drills to improve your shots game without even going to the range.


1.) Take 11 balls and chip to 3 different holes. After doing so, eliminate your closest 6 shots and your farthest 6. This will show you your average distance from the cup. Continue to do this drill and see if you can get your average distance from the hole closer and closer.

2.) This drill you can do at your home.  Take 10 balls and chips the first ball 30 feet or so away. Chip the next ball short of the first. Continue the process until you chip a ball past the previous ball. This is a great drill to help gain feel and distance control. FYI, Tour pros can fit roughly 20 balls within 15 feet.

Both of these drills are great for putting as well.

Work on short game this week and GO LOW!!!