2023 Summer Birdie Basics Parent Info Sheet

2023 Summer Birdie Basics Parent Info Page

Contact Info: 

General Questions – Brooke Molner – Info@empiregolf.net


Indian Canyon Pro Shop – 509.747.5353 

Coach Anastasia – 385.333.5317

Coach Derek Siesser – 425.241.3677

*Pro Shops will have minimal information on classes. You should only contact the pro shop with emergency information that needs to get to students or teachers during class times. For all other questions or concerns, please use info@inlandempirega.com 


Spring Session: 10 Weeks of Classes

Start Date: Week of June 19th  

Final Week: Week August 28th 

*Off Week: Week of July 10th – 16th  (Coaches are at Rosauers Open Tournament)

*These dates are not part of the program. Do not sign up for a makeup class because we didn’t have class.  

Make Up Classes: We will offer 2 make up classes between our two courses. You may sign up for make up sessions at either course. To register for a make up class, please email Coach Brooke at info@inlandempirega.com 


Make Up Class Dates: 

Saturday, July 22nd @ Indian Canyon 1:30-2pm  

Saturday, August 27th @ Indian Canyon 1:30-2pm 


Q: Do my kids need clubs?

A: No, we use plastic SNAG golf equipment. If you’d like to purchase your own set, our professional staff can assist you with getting the right size and set and you can purchase clubs through our pro shop, just make sure to ask! 


Q: Do Birdie Basic students ever use real clubs? 

A: Once student can show they can be safe, follow directions without having to be asked over and over and have a grasp on key “Birdieisms”, we will recommend that they move to a class which uses real clubs. It’s important to note, if your child cannot act with a plastic club in their hand, we will not advance them to a class with real clubs. 


Q: Do my kids need golf shoes or gloves?

A: Nope, tennis shoes will work fine, and gloves are a player preference, but not required. Please DO NOT wear any other type of sports cleat such as baseball or soccer cleats, they will damage the turf.  


Q: Would private lessons be better? 

A: No. Kids (and anyone for that matter) learn best in group environments. It’s important to understand that for most new and intermediate golfers that the objective of our program is not to have them swing the club perfect, but rather to ENJOY THE COURSE AND WANT TO GO THERE.  


Q: What if we have to miss a week or two? 

A: We will provide 2 make-up classes per 8 week session.


Q: What do parents do during class? 

A: Parents or grandparents need to remain on site during class. We recommend taking an hour break, grabbing a drink and enjoying our patio which has the best view of downtown Spokane anywhere you can find. Parents who insist on participating in practice or offer their unsolicited coaching during practices will be asked to leave and will have their student removed from all academy programming.


Q: Young kids can be crazy, how do you keep classes safe? 

A: First, we keep the student coach ratio at 3.5 to 1. During class, only two players will be hitting at a time, other students will be doing movement exercises or their daily art project. Students who continually act up will follow the “three strikes and you’re out” system. 1st instance, players will sit out to the side for the class. 2nd instance, the coach will meet with parent and child to discuss actions to correct the behavior. 3rd instance, The student will be removed from programming. We take player safety very seriously, golf clubs are weapons and can cause serious damage. If a player is unable to act in a safe manner, they will be removed, period.