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What Brings your here today?

I'm a parent looking for junior golf information

We offer a wide range of junior programs for ages 5 through 18. Whether you’d like your child to be introduced and learn the fundamentals or you have a child ready to play Division 1 Golf, we have the programs to help them excel. 

I'm a new golfer looking for lessons to help me start playing.

We know golf can be a confusing and scary sport to start if you have no experience. Our Golf 101 classes deliver education on how to swing the club, but also teach those “unwritten rules” that scare away so many players. 

I'm looking for lessons to help me drop my handicap, shoot lower scores and beat my buddies.

You’re ready to take the next step. You’ve said “If I can just be more consistent” or If you could just straighten out your drives… you could shoot the best score ever & win great prizes 

I'm in search of lessons for women of all ability levels.

Our staff has programming specifically designed for women and led by some of the top female instructors around. 

Biggest Loser Results Based Coaching

Assess. Learn.Train.Perform

Have you ever wondered why you can’t take your swing from the range to the course? Why you can shoot in the 30’s on the front and then the high 40’s on the back? Have you ever taken lessons and just thought, “If I could only take the pro on the course…” 

The Player’s Club is not for everyone, but if you’re ready to open your mind and follow a clear path, go on the course with a pro, be held accountable for your progress and give 100%, I will guarantee you reach your goals. 

To start, fill out a Player’s Club information sheet. Once received, one of our professionals will reach out to schedule an assessment. 

Derek Siesser, PGA

A program for every child

Junior Golf

PGA Junior League
Learn from one of the founders of Spokane's PGA Junior League.
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Inland Empire Golf Academy offers the most comprehensive junior program in the area. From start through college, our professionals are here to get your player to the next level. Our programs include:

  • Camps
  • Weekly Classes and Matches
  • Operation 36
  • Private Lessons
  • Tournament Coaching
  • College Recruiting Assistance 


"The best instruction around. Everything you need to improve is right there. No questions, this is the place to go to get better."
Matt C.


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